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The most suitable crypto currency for IT and financial environment, international free trade with high technology, safety and convenience

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About Taur Coin

Taur Coin is the most suitable and versatile digital crypto currency which will be the future of the financial environment, international free trade with Technological Advancement with safety and convenience. Taur Coin is a decentralized currency neither has geographical or cultural borders nor attached - regulated by any country. Multiple services and functions can be performed with most versatile Taur Coin such as Invest, Transfer, Payments, Exchange on its launch as well as redeem buying, selling and spending anywhere in the world with its second phase of expansion.

With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to trust a third party middleman, money can be secure and transactions effortless

Darryl Westrup

Darryl Westrup / Taur Coin Founder

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Independent and Decentralized platform for Financial Freedom

Awesome Features


Our Best

Taur Coin provides you with the instant coin available to your wallet at the same point of time.



Taur Coin provides you with one of the best safe & secure wallet/browser with high security.



Taur Coin is a X platform where everything is transparent and clearly visible to all customer-clients.


Best GUI

Taur Coin provides the best GUI for the clients to easily understand at their best convenience.

How is Taur Coin Going to Make the World Better?

50% of the world population is denied access to a bank account, but by 2020, almost all of them will have a cellphone. In certain parts of the world, women are not allowed to open a bank account, in other countries oppressed minorities have no access to banking. Others are haunted by their financial pasts: banking history, data clearinghouses and credit checks can potentially prevent you from opening an account. With over 3.5 billion people in immediate need of a currency free of all borders, government decree, or threats of confiscation, Taur Coin offers a clear and effective solution.

Why Trust Us

One thing is sure. Trust is earned in the cryptocurrency market and it is very difficult to earn that trust. Crypto traders and developers are some of the most smart people in the world and they can identify flaws, bugs and pitfalls in any system now that there are over 800 cryptocoins available in the market right now. We believe that what we offer in our system is the best of the best and the crypto world can test our system down to the last detail. We deliver the right coins and our model is not exclusive or short sighted like many cryptocoins. We are in it for the long-term and want to make the industry ours.

You can trust us by becoming our early bird investor and get our coin for a depreciated amount. You can test the system and see for yourself with this limited investment what a good investment our coin can be. Seeing is believing I have to say! We are definitely the best platform that is adapted to survive and thrive in the ever-evolving crypto market. It is a fresh platform with longevity that will thrive in the market.

Our Aim

Our aim is three-fold; to become the best performing cryptocurrency in the market, to provide a stellar service and opportunities to our investors and leaders and to help the world transition to a currency they deserve. We have kept our aims realistic and ambitious at the same time. To make our fledgling, yet stellar currency into the world’s best crypto coin, we will have to increase our trading activity and instill confidence into our investors and leaders. We are offering the alternative here and many people are still reluctant to shift to cryptocurrencies. So we also plan to make crypto education and awareness a part of our goals.

Our blockchain is one of the best in the coin market and we can handle requests faster than most. Our dedicated team of developers will be ready to update and evolve the system so that it can eventually become the fastest and the most efficient system in the world.

TaurCoin Lending

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Deposit Bitcoin.
Deposit your Bitcoin on given bitcoin deposit address
Buy TaurCoin
Buy TaurCoin from Coin Exchange
Lend TAR
Lend your TAR on dashboard taurcoin lending or invest in USD
Earn Daily Profit
Earn Daily profit as per volatility software interest
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