• 1) How can we get TaurCoin?
    Getting taur coin is as easy as buying btc,you have various method to get your money exchanged to TaurCoin
  • 2) Can I transfer wallet to wallet ?
    Yes ofcourse, once you have the taur available into your account , it is totally your right how would you preffer to use, transfer and exchanges all are available
  • 3) Am I required to reveal my identity?
    No. TaurCoin members can choose whether to specify their real name on public profile or remain known as a pseudonym. If you wish to use your authentic name and verify your identity with TaurCoin system, that would be more desirable. When you stand behind your TaurCoin activity with an authentic name, our community is more accountable overall.
  • 4) How to sign up or register on TaurCoin?
    The sign up is free and easy.
  • 5) How to deposit and withdraw bitcoins from TaurCoin?
    This bitcoin wallet allows you to store and trade your Bitcoins against TaurCoin (TAR) instantly. You can send bitcoins with just one click.
  • 6) How to secure your TaurCoin account?
    TaurCoin aims to create maximum safety for each member. We want you to be careful and not allow the scammers to steal your data, so we have created detailed instructions on how to protect yourself from possible threats.
  • 7) How do I start earning interest with my TaurCoin?
    There are multiple ways to invest in the TaurCoin platform with different level of earning opportunity associated.
  • 8) Which currency Taur accept for TaurCoin lending?
    TaurCoin lending accepts Bitcoin (BTC) as mode of payment. Bitcoin system uses US dollars value for all lending investment and profit payout.
  • 9) Can I earn by Referring new members to the Community?
    Yes, TaurCoin offering a lucrative bonus program which enables you to earn affiliate commission if your referral invest in Taurcoin lending.
  • 10) What is the minimum and maximum amount of deposit?
    The minimum investment amount is only $100 and the maximum amount is $100,000 per transaction Although, you can create multiple lending request after 24 hours of your last lending.
  • 11) Can I make additional Investments at any time?
    Yes, there is no limitation. You can make as many lending deposits as you want with minimum interval of 24 hours between each lending request.
  • 12) Are additional lending deposits added into previous lending or treated separately?
    Additional deposits will be treated separately and its daily return calculated and paid depending on its investment amount plan. It is not possible to merge one of your previous lending investment with new one.
  • 13) Can I have several TaurCoin account, made by same email?
    No, you can only have one account per email address.
  • 14) What is the maximum amount that can be withdrawal?
    There is no limit on maximum withdrawal.
  • 15) How does the referral program work and how much can I earn?
    We offer 3 levels affiliate program to our customers. It is a great way to make extra money. By inviting more people to our Taurcoin lending programs you earn more of your Affiliate deposit volume.
  • 16) Will I get referral or level commission from additional deposits of my referrals?
    Yes, you will get referral commission for every deposit your referrals makes in Bitcoin lending platform.
  • 17) Will I get referral or level commission from reinvestment of my referrals?
    Yes, you will get referral or level commission for every reinvestment​ of your referrals.